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AFC coaches on Robert Griffin III, Ryan Fitzpatrick at owners' meetings

AFC head coaches met with the media on Tuesday at the annual March owners' meetings. Three of them had a chance to talk about their quarterback situations, which impact the 49ers.

The annual March owners' meeting traditionally brings together all NFL coaches and general managers. The coaches have a breakfast with the media, with AFC coaches going one day, and NFC coaches the next day. Chip Kelly and the NFC coaches will speak on Wednesday, but in the meantime, AFC coaches had their opportunity on Tuesday.

This is of note because the three most notable teams dealing with quarterback issues this offseason other than the San Francisco 49ers are all AFC teams. The New York Jets are trying to figure out their situation with Ryan Fitzpatrick. The Cleveland Browns have met with Robert Griffin III, and have been connected at times with Colin Kaepernick. The Denver Broncos had some preliminary talks with Ryan Fitzpatrick, but have primarily been viewed as the most likely landing spot for Colin Kaepernick.

Cleveland Browns

Head coach Hue Jackson discussed his meeting with RG3, and said it was a great meeting. RG3 left town without a contract, but there is chatter that the two sides could get something done sooner rather than later. Here's what Jackson said on Tuesday:

"It was a great meeting. I think he's obviously a tremendous talent and a great young man. He had a lot of success early in Washington and then things just didn't work out. Those things happen in the National Football League. But at the same time we are going through our process. We are going to be very diligent in what we are doing -- trying to make sure that we put the right quarterbacks on our football team and in that quarterback room. And that's one of my biggest responsibilities and also one of our organization's biggest responsibilities."

He also talked about humility, and what it might mean for RG3 this offseason:

"Absolutely, you have to be (humble), you have to have a side to you that says, 'Look, it's not them. It's about me, too,'" Jackson said during the AFC coaches' breakfast Tuesday morning here at the annual NFL meetings. "That goes a long way with me. I don't know what a lot of other people want. Because until that happens, can you start to rebuild if you still think it's about them? "You're kind of walking with that guck on you. That doesn't come off as fast."

Denver Broncos

Head coach Gary Kubiak said RG3 is one of the quarterbacks the team is evaluating. He talked in fairly general terms, saying he's been part of the conversation, and "[w]e'll see what happens." When asked what he likes about Griffin, he said:

"He's very athletic, moves around ... another player who's played in some big games," Kubiak said. "Obviously he hasn't played much in the last year and a half ... but he's still young, very young kid, all those things he's got working for him.

"I'm sure he's looking for the best possible opportunity for himself. Guys like that bounce back, they've done good things before, and they expect to do good things again."

And of course, he talked about being happy with Mark Sanchez given his 60 starts in the league. The Broncos are in a stare-down with the 49ers, and so it is no surprise they will happily discuss their other options at this point.

New York Jets

The Jets and quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick remain deadlocked in an attempt to work out a new deal. He is coming off the best year of his career, but given his age, there is the concern he might have peaked. Naturally, he wants to cash in as much as possible, and thus the two sides are at an impasse.

Head coach Todd Bowles does not seem overly concerned about the situation:

"Not bothered yet. It's free agency," Bowles said. "These things happen. We are trying to re-sign Fitzpatrick. If not, we have plans in place going forward."

Bowles is not in charge of personnel, so I can see why he would be pretty low key about the whole situation. I think the two sides eventually work out a deal, but for now, Bowles is not worrying about it.