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NFL makes all chop blocks illegal, makes XP permanently from 15-yard line

The NFL passed seven rule changes related to play-calling, special teams, penalties, and more. Here's the full list.

The March NFL owners' meetings bring votes on potential rule changes, and the latest adjustments have been released. The most notable change is the permanent banning of all chop blocks. The league has moved in this direction, but prior to today there were some exceptions on run plays. A chop block is what led to Ian Williams ankle injury back in 2013. I don't believe that is connected to his most recent ankle surgeries, but who really knows.

Additionally, the league has made the extra point on the 15-yard line a permanent thing. Last year it was voted on for just one year as a test. The league got some traction with it, and will stick to it. One thing that did not pass is automatic ejection for two unsportsmanlike conduct penalties. There will be more discussion on Wednesday, according to Matt Maiocco. This rule could still end up changing, but for now it does not.

Another notable change is with communication. Previously, a coach in the booth could not communicate directly with a player on the field. The coach spoke to a coach or player on the sideline, and it was then communicated to a player on the field. Now, coaches in the booth will be able to speak directly to players on the field. This might help with some delay-of-game penalties, but could also help with diagnosing what a team might be doing with personnel. Additionally, for hurry-up offenses where a coach can speak to the quarterback until I believe 15 seconds left on the play-clock, it opens the door for additional insight.

Chip Kelly is calling plays for the 49ers offense, so this will not be an issue. It would apply to the defense however, if defensive coordinator Jim O'Neil is up in the booth.