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Video of Carlos Hyde, Bruce Ellington working out in Miami

Hyde is looking good coming off his foot injury, and maybe even dropped a few pounds.

The San Francisco 49ers will start their offseason workout program on April 4, and it looks like running back Carlos Hyde should be in pretty good shape for the program. Hyde and wide receiver Bruce Ellington are working out in Miami this offseason, and trainer David Alexander posted some video of the two players running through several drills.

Hyde has been the big question mark this offseason following surgery for a stress fracture in his foot. At the NFL Combine, Trent Baalke said Hyde was not yet game ready, but his movement in this video shows a guy who looks like he is making significant progress. I suspect the team will still be pretty conservative in bringing him along, but with two-and-a-half months of OTAs and minicamp coming up, he should be on his way to being 100 percent sooner rather than later.

Matt Barrows brought up another good point, being that Hyde looks a little slimmer. It is hard to tell for certain, but it will be something to track as OTAs arrive.