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49ers, Anquan Boldin not holding contract talks for now

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Neither the San Francisco 49ers or their veteran receiver seem to be in much of a hurry in free agency. I don't expect him to return to the 49ers, but who knows what the next few months might bring.

The San Francisco 49ers and wide receiver Anquan Boldin have not held contract talks thus far, and nothing seems to be on the horizon. Trent Baalke chatted with Matt Maiocco about Boldin's status, and offered this comment:

"Right now, we've had no discussions with Anquan up to this point," 49ers general manager Trent Baalke said Tuesday at the NFL owners meetings. "We left it in the offseason that we'd get back together at some point and talk about his future and what he's looking for. Have not had that conversation as of yet."

We have not heard much about Boldin's free agency status. There was a rumor the New England Patriots got in touch with his representatives, and Boldin has said in some media appearances he would like to stay with the 49ers. However, nothing has come of any of this, and Baalke confirmed what I think most of us suspected.

Where things get interesting is whether or not Boldin signs somewhere before June 1. Given that offseason workout programs begin in late April (early April for teams with a new coach), I would think we see Boldin sign somewhere in May, before minicamp and more specific team drills begin. The early part of the offseason workout program focuses on strength and conditioning work, which Boldin can probably handle on his own. As they get into phase two and three, there is more on-field work that is valuable in learning an offense. Of course, given Boldin's veteran status, I think he could probably miss the offseason program, sign somewhere near the start of training camp, and be in pretty good shape to figure out the offense.

If that latter bit happens, the 49ers would lose out on a potential comp pick. It would likely be no more than a 6th round pick but with comp picks tradeable next season, that's certainly something to consider.