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Zane Beadles talked about what led to him signing with the 49ers

The San Francisco 49ers announced the signing of Zane Beadles on Tuesday. He chatted with the media Tuesday afternoon. We've got a full transcript, and you can listen to audio here.

On his decision to sign with the 49ers:

Well it obviously was unexpected for me. I was on a 5 year contract in Jacksonville and was released a few weeks ago. So I started the free agent process again and San Francisco started showing some interest earlier last week. And I didn't really know much about San Francisco. Being in the AFC for my entire career and having only played the Niners  once in my career. But I started doing a little bit of research, as much as I could on my end and talking to guys who played for Coach Flaherty [Offensive line coach Pat Flaherty] in the past and talked to Joe Staley who, he and I share an agent so we know each other a little bit. I just loved what I heard from everybody and thought it would be a really good fit for me and hopefully the NIners thought so on the other end and I'd be a good fit there. It worked out and I'm excited to be a Niner.

On if playing in a  zone blocking scheme influenced his decision in coming to San Francisco:

It is a big deal for me. In free agency, I wanted a fit that was good for me and I wanted to be somewhere thought I was a good fit for them and I definitely think that system suits my strengths a little bit better and so it definitely was a big consideration for me.

Thoughts on playing in Chip Kelly's offense:

I'm excited about it. I don't know much about any of the specifics yet. We'll dive into tha here when we get started this summer. The uptempo, no huddle offense and that style of play, it's something that I enjoyed my last couple of years in Denver, that's really what we majored in. Playing in that uptempo, and I had a blast playing in it and so I'm excited to get back to that again.

On if he's spoken to any players besides Staley, Kilgore:

I haven't spoke to any of those guys yet. I got a text from Blaine [49ers QB Blaine Gabbert] just saying, "Welcome to the team, congratulations". Other than that, I haven't had much contact with anyone else  yet.

On if he considers himself a better run blocker or pass blocker:

I don't  know the answer to that question yet. I always try to be a complete player and be as good as I can in both instances and both situations and that's really how I try to approach the game.

If he's visited Levi's stadium yet:

I got to come see the facility last week and view the stadium a little bit. Didn't get to see much of the stadium, the inside of the stadium, other than the locker room, the training room other things of that sort, but it looks like a beautiful place to play. Everything that I've heard, it's a first class stadium. I'm excited to be out there Sundays this fall.

If he sees himself primarily as a left guard:

You know, that's what I've played my entire career and most of my life. That's the side of the ball I'm most comfortable on. That being said, I'm a team-first guy and wherever the coaches decide I'm going to help the team out best, I'm going to put in all the work I possibly can to be my best at that position. So if it's left guard? Great. if it's somewhere else? That's great too, I'm willing to put in the work to be able to do that.