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Chip Kelly says releasing Colin Kaepernick has not been up for discussion

Chip Kelly sat down with NFL media on Wednesday at the annual March owners' meetings, and naturally got a few questions about quarterback Colin Kaepernick. We've talked about the potential for the San Francisco 49ers to release Kaepernick, but Kelly shot that idea down.

It's certainly possible that is completely off the table, but my guess is the option is at least on the 49ers radar. I certainly would not expect to hear Kelly say, "Yea, we've thought about releasing Kaepernick." Any acknowledgement of that would kill trade chances, so there's not much to take from that.

Kelly also made sure to separate himself from the trade discussions. He's said as much in the past, but here's what he had to say on Wednesday:

"When I talked to him last week, I think it was Tuesday, he said he was doing well," Kelly said. "You really can't talk about anything from a football standpoint. . . . His agents are handling everything for him, personnel is handling everything for us."

And so, we continue to wait. Nine more days until April 1.