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Zane Beadles once danced with Ellen DeGeneres on The Ellen Show

Beadles is a big Ellen fan, so he got to have some fun on The Ellen Show.

We do a lot of film breakdown here on Niners Nation, but this is far and away the most important film you'll watch this offseason. Big props to Joe the Wizard for pointing this out, and kingmonkeydoo putting together a GIF (posted at the bottom).

Newly signed San Francisco 49ers guard Zane Beadles previously played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, but his first NFL team was the Denver Broncos. He was on the team in 2013 when they went to the Super Bowl, and then departed in free agency. In the weeks leading up to the Super Bowl, he made an appearance on The Ellen Show. It turns out he is a big fan of the show, and he and the show arranged an appearance for him. I am guessing this is the bye week before the Super Bowl.

In the video, he and Ellen do some dancing, and then Beadles talks about what it's like being an offensive lineman. He also talks about his charity work. It's a fun little segment.