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Hue Jackson only head coach in person to see Carson Wentz at North Dakota State Pro Day

The North Dakota State Pro Day has been hampered a bit by weather conditions. Here's where things stand.

The NFL world was set to descend on Fargo, North Dakota to watch Carson Wentz perform at the North Dakota State Pro Day, but weather has intervened. 14 of the 32 teams were unable to arrive due to a snow storm. All 32 teams were credentialed, and thus far, the only thing we know is that Hue Jackson was the only head coach to make it to town.

There is no word yet on if the 49ers made it. Given that Trent Baalke is from up there, I could totally see him getting into another airport, renting a car, and hauling over to Fargo through the snow. Folks from up there don't mess around when it comes to inclement weather.

Chip Kelly has primarily stuck to the Bay Area for checking out draft prospects. He has emphasized that he trusts the front office, and is focusing his time on the coaching aspect. I imagine he is working with his assistants to get the offensive and defensive playbooks sorted out, and get everyone ready for the start of the offseason workout program in 11 days.

One interesting note is that Carson Wentz and Jared Goff share the same former quarterback as a trainer. Ryan Lindley set up Goff's Pro Day last week, and he has set up Wentz's Pro Day this week. According to Gil Brandt, Wentz will do a 65-play scripted workout, and the teams in attendance will get a copy of the full list of plays.

There is no word yet on what private workouts Wentz will take part in over the next month. The 49ers have been connected to several quarterbacks, and are expected to conduct a private workout with Connor Cook. But no word on visits or workouts planned with either Goff or Wentz.