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Browns to sign Robert Griffin III, per report

I guess we can remove the Cleveland Browns from the Colin Kaepernick trade rumors.

And just like that, one more quarterback domino falls. Free agent Robert Griffin III is expected to sign a contract with the Cleveland Browns, according to Adam Schefter. There are no contract details yet, but Schefter is saying the two sides are expected to reach an agreement today. Fooch's update: Browns beat writer Mary Kay Cabot is reporting a deal is done.

The 49ers had been listed as a team that RG3 would be interested in, but nothing ever developed beyond that. Earlier this week, Trent Baalke said the team had not had contact with RG3 or his agents yet, instead focusing on their own situation with Colin Kaepernick.

RG3 spent some time in New Jersey visiting the Jets, before moving on to visit with Cleveland. The Browns are still viewed as a strong candidate to draft a quarterback with the No. 2 pick, but the signing does make things a little more interesting. And of course, it removes the Browns from the table for Colin Kaepernick. That leaves the Denver Broncos and New York Jets as the only two remotely logical trade candidates.