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New York Jets staying out of Colin Kaepernick trade market

The Colin Kaepernick trade saga saw a domino fall on Thursday with Robert Griffin III signing a contract with the Cleveland Browns. It remains to be seen how long that will last, and it certainly does not preclude the Browns from drafting a quarterback. But it does remove them from the Colin Kaepernick sweepstakes.

That leaves the Denver Broncos and New York Jets still searching for a starting quarterback. However, Ian Rapoport is reporting the New York Jets are not interested in bidding for Colin Kaepernick. He did not get into specifics other than to say the Broncos would appear to be the only "legitimate team willing to and wanting to trade for Kaepernick."

And so, we have a standoff. The Broncos are going to wait and see if the 49ers are willing to cut Kaepernick. The 49ers have said they will not, and Chip Kelly specifically said, "I don't think you cut talent." Tell that to DeSean Jackson, I suppose!