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Jared Goff: 'It'd be a really cool thing [to play for the 49ers]'

The San Francisco 49ers had plenty of people on hand for the Cal Pro Day last week, and the event was followed by Jared Goff meeting with the media. The quarterback conducted a press conference, in which he had a chance to discuss his performance, and the teams that might be interested in his services. You can watch the whole thing above (courtesy of California Golden Blogs).

It should surprise nobody that he was asked about the San Francisco 49ers. Cam Inman asked him what workouts he had planned, but Goff was unable to provide specifics on the teams. Inman followed up asking he spoke with Chip Kelly, and Goff said just briefly in passing. Matt Maiocco followed up to ask him if he had much contact with the Cleveland Browns or San Francisco 49ers. He pointed to the Combine, but not much else. Matt Barrows then wrapped it up by asking him his thoughts on potentially playing for the 49ers.

"It'd be great. It'd be a really cool thing. Growing up a fan of them, it'd be awesome. But at the same time I'd be more than happy to play anywhere and be with a team and a coach I want to win games with and be really successful with."

The 49ers passed on a 49ers fan back in 2005, but I don't think that is going to impact their decision-making one way or another. And this year, there are plenty of conflicting opinions on Goff, and the quarterback class as a whole. It would be interesting though to see the reaction from the general fanbase if the 49ers went with the hometown kid.