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Carson Wentz's mom prefers 49ers over Browns

I can't really blame her.

The 2016 NFL Draft features two quarterbacks competing to be the first off the board. Carson Wentz and Jared Goff have both been mentioned extensively between the Cleveland Browns, Dallas Cowboys, and San Francisco 49ers, along with rumors of potential trades up the draft board.

Wentz's emergence from North Dakota State has led to plenty of stories about his situation, and how he fell through the cracks. The latest comes from CBS Sports columnist Dennis Dodd. The story includes some great anecdotes about Wentz's competitiveness, including how last summer he would beat kids in wiffle ball, and get pissed when his mom would beat him in Monopoly.

Speaking of Wentz's mom, she seems to have a preference for where he ends up:

Anhalt grimaced a bit when the Browns were mentioned as a potential destination for her son.

"If we could go to the 49ers, somewhere warm," she said. "I'm all about warm."

I imagine this means she would be cool with Dallas as a potential destination, or of course, Los Angeles if they trade up. But it kind of cracks me up that a family from North Dakota is pretty psyched to get out of the cold weather. Maybe they'll pull an Eli/Archie Manning and say they won't play for a team.