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NFL mock draft database: The top 7 might flip on the Cowboys

We've got the latest look at the top seven picks via a lengthy mock draft database. It all points to things swinging on the Dallas Cowboys pick at No. 7.

We're back for our fourth look at how the top seven picks are currently being projected for the 2016 NFL Draft. Mock drafts are not exactly the most valuable tool, but they provide a look at how media views needs and desires for each team. There will be some hits, but there will also be plenty of misses.

Adam Stites has put together a thorough rundown of mock drafts, currently looking at 86 such drafts to assess how the media views the upcoming first round. For the San Francisco 49ers pick at No. 7, accuracy will not be simple, but we can get more than if they were picking in the back half of the first round, or really anywhere outside the top ten.

For the second straight time, we are able to use the top pick for each team to slot in the top seven picks. Five of the seven picks are based on a plurality of the vote, so for those picks I've included the second most voted player.

The top seven picks remain the same compared to our last look. The Cowboys, Jaguars, and 49ers selections gained a little more traction, while the Ravens went down the most. That Cowboys pick could be what flips the early portion of the draft on its head. If they go quarterback, that potentially removes the second quarterback off the board. If they do not go quarterback, it opens the door even more to trades into the fifth, sixth, or seventh pick. If one of the two top quarterbacks does not go to the Cowboys, do they slip, or does someone move up.

Once again, DeForest Buckner slips out of the top seven, and this appears to be a flaw in the database. I went through the 31 pie charts linked above, and none of them have Buckner getting a plurality of picks. Buckner is a strong bet to go in the top half of the draft, and he very well could go before the 49ers are up at No. 7. And yet, somehow a database of picks leaves him out. It appears to just be an odd quirk.

1. Tennessee Titans - Laremy Tunsil, OT, Ole Miss (87.2%)
2. Cleveland Browns - Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State (64.0%)
3. San Diego Chargers - Jalen Ramsey, DB, Florida State (46.5%) - DT DeForest Buckner (20.9%)
4. Dallas Cowboys - Joey Bosa, DE, Ohio State (47.7%) - DB Jalen Ramsey (16.3%)
5. Jacksonville Jaguars - Myles Jack, ILB, UCLA (47.7%) - DE Joey Bosa, DB Jalen Ramsey (16.5%)
6. Baltimore Ravens - Ronnie Stanley, OT, Notre Dame (32.6%) - DT DeForest Buckner (26.7%)
7. San Francisco 49ers - Jared Goff, QB, Cal (57%)

Tennessee Titans

Cleveland Browns

San Diego Chargers

Dallas Cowboys

Jacksonville Jaguars

Baltimore Ravens

San Francisco 49ers