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49ers have $53 million in salary cap space following Ian Williams, Zane Beadles contracts

The NFLPA salary cap report has been updated, and it includes the contracts signed by Ian Williams and Zane Beadles. The report has the 49ers sitting with $53,582,558. The NFLPA salary database includes base salaries for Williams and Beadles, which would seem to indicate the deals are fully factored into the cap report.

Ian Williams had originally agreed to terms on a five-year contract that was reportedly going to be worth $27.5 million. However, reportedly multiple offseason ankle surgeries were not healing sufficiently, putting Williams in danger of missing the start of the season. That resulted in a revised one-year contract reportedly worth up to $6 million. The deal includes a $1 million base salary, $2 million in per-game roster bonuses, and $2 million in playing time incentives.

Zane Beadles signed a three-year deal worth $11.5 million. Jason Hurley broke down the cap figures for all three years on Friday. Beadles is a $2.133 million cap hit in 2016, and increased to $3.533 million in 2017 and $4.083 million in 2018.

The 49ers could still add some depth options, but they're going to be carrying a lot of cap space into this season. Even with any potential contract extensions over the rest of this league year, they'll be rolling over some serious money into the 2017 offseason. If they go a second offseason in a row without spending, well, it might be time to get just a little bit more annoyed.