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Phil Dawson reclaims No. 4

In his 4th year with the 49ers, veteran kicker Phil Dawson will wear #4 again

One of the few transactions by the San Francisco 49ers during the 2016 free agency was the re-signing of veteran kicker Phil Dawson. Today he tweeted that he will be wearing #4 which he wore in Texas and in Cleveland.

When Dawson joined the 49ers in 2013, punter Andy Lee already owned #4. Lee remained on the team until last season where the #4 remained unclaimed. Dawson will be entering his 17th season in the NFL and his fourth with the 49ers. He has only missed one extra point in his last 6 seasons and has an 86.2% FG average in his tenure as a 49er and 84.5% FG average over his long career.

Dawson has been a constant in the locker room, referred to as "Uncle Phil" by Torrey Smith. He is ready to do whatever the team asks of him, even punting, which he did in St. Louis this past November vs. the Rams which Dawson claimed he hadn't done since high school.