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Latest rumor suggests Colin Kaepernick will be retained by 49ers

The rumors about the San Francisco 49ers quarterback's future continue to percolate.

We have two more days of Colin Kaepernick watch before his salary is fully guaranteed by the San Francisco 49ers. That means as time ticks away, more and more speculation will continue.  Naturally, that means some pretty strong sources will start making the speculation concrete.

So let's get started! On Monday, Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network reported this regarding the 49ers quarterback:

He says if Kaepernick commits to being the team's quarterback, which suggests that Kaepernick is still not convinced staying in San Francisco will be the right move for his career if he can help it.

Rapoport went ahead and qualified that from his own personal Twitter account, where he leaves the door open for Kaepernick to still be moved on the off chance a team -- like the Denver Broncos -- can blow the 49ers away with an offer they cannot refuse.

This about as solid of a report as I think we are going to get, but remember: nothing is confirmed. Kaepernick very well could be cut loose on Thursday evening at 11:59 PM, despite what Trent Baalke and Chip Kelly have told the media. If Kaepernick is on the roster April 1st, then possible trade partners are slapped with a whole new challenge as they not only have to provide 49ers a second mortgage adequate compensation, but deal with a  regressing quarterback that will be paid over $10 million for their first season with them.

While I'm sure there's truth behind this, get ready for anything. This isn't the only piece of info regarding Friday morning and I'm sure there's more to come. While there's nothing definite yet, I can certainly see things ending this way.