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Myles Jack is looking good after his knee injury

We found some good video on Myles Jack working out and we forgot he was injured.

Trevor Ruszkowski-USA TODAY Sports

Myles Jack has been speculated to possibly go to the San Francisco 49ers with the 7th pick in the 2016 draft. That is, if he's still on the board. The one negative that possibly could hurt his draft stock was a knee injury (torn meniscus) that ended his 2015 season. Knee injuries can end careers or slow down potential prospects, but not when you're Myles Jack. Roll it:

ACL, MCL, sprained ligaments, cutting like that is mighty impressive and a great sign for the young prospect.

ESPN's Stephania Bell also tweeted this out:

If Jack is ready to go on a roster and take some punishing hits remains to be seen. He can cut, run, and look superb, but the real test will be when he hits the practice field with his new team and is mentally ready to get physical. From the looks of things, he may be just fine.

The big question is if he's available at number 7 and if he is, if this type of recovery is good enough for Trent Baalke. Would you take him with the number 7 pick after seeing this?