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49ers free agency preview 2016: What one free agent would you sign?

Free agency is starting up next week. Who is the one must-sign free agent the 49ers should look at in the coming weeks?

It has been a couple years since Niners Nation put together any video, but after a long hiatus, video is back! Free agency is just around the corner, and now makes as good a sense as any to get back on the horse. And so, Steph (@socalisteph), Tracy (@49ersfangirl), and Jennifer (@jenniferleechan) are here to get us going into free agency.

This is the first of what will hopefully be many videos, and so they are going to play around with a few different things. They'll be trying some different camera angles and other ways of doing this, so we are always open to suggestions for ways to improve the video. You can post in the comments, or email me at if you have any suggestions.

This first video is meant to be a quick look ahead to free agency. Each person provided some thoughts on a free agent they would like to see the 49ers sign. I'll put together my own thoughts on each potential signing, but give us your own thoughts on one key name the 49ers should sign as free agency opens.

Tracy opened mentioning re-signing Alex Boone, and then signing Ramon Foster. I have to think Foster would be a bit pricey, but given the disaster that was last year's offensive line, I could see Trent Baalke changing up his strategy when it comes to extending interior offensive linemen.

Jennifer followed up discussing the importance of re-signing Ian Williams. Damon Harrison will likely set the nose tackle price in free agency, but I do think the 49ers can bring Williams back for a bit less than Harrison. If Williams does depart in free agency, I would hope that the team either goes with Mike Purcell next year, or invests a draft pick in the nose tackle position. It is not something they should spend a lot of money on, so we'll see how that plays out.

Steph wrapped it up with a suggestion of Janoris Jenkins. The Rams cornerback reportedly turned down a 5-year, $45 million offer. Normally that might indicate a guy well out of Trent Baalke's price range. However, I find myself wondering if we see Jenkins looking back on that five year offer and wondering what he was thinking. There is some solid secondary talent in this year's draft, and I'm just not sure I see teams investing a ton of money in Jenkins. If the 49ers were to sign Jenkins, I could see it being a situation where Jenkins does not get the offers he is expecting, and a couple weeks into free agency, he's left signing a deal he previously would have viewed as below market. Jenkins's free agency will be interesting to watch.

So what do you think? Who is your one guy the 49ers absolutely must sign this offseason?