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John Clayton thinks 49ers would be Robert Griffin III's first choice if Colin Kaepernick was gone

This latest report appears to be mostly just opinion from John Clayton about potential landing spots for Colin Kaepernick and Robert Griffin III. What do you make of it?

The drama surrounding the San Francisco 49ers quarterback position is a ways away from resolution, and ESPN's John Clayton added another log to the fire. Clayton was on 95.7 The Game earleir today (audio), and Bay Area Sports Guy happened to catch him talking about Colin Kaepernick, the 49ers, and Washington QB Robert Griffin III.

Clayton said Kap's $11.9 million base salary is problematic, and the only team with sincere interest in the 49ers quarterback is the Los Angeles Rams. He thinks if Kaepernick is cut, he would head down to LA to join the Rams. Clayton does not specifically reference "sources", so it is hard to tell specifically how much is based on what he's hearing, and how much is just a general guess.

The most interesting part of this was Clayton saying that RG3 would sign with the 49ers if Colin Kaepernick was traded or released. Again, he said he thinks it makes sense, but he did not say, he's hearing, or any of those other buzz words we so often hear from media.

There has already been plenty of speculation about RG3's future, and once Washington formally releases him, we'll hear even more as he begins meeting with teams. Ian Rapoport suggested a week back that San Francisco could make sense if Kap was gone. There has also been some suggestions that Kansas City makes sense because Andy Reid was a big fan of his coming out of Baylor.

Whatever the case, the quarterback market as it currently stands will shake up plenty once RG3 and potentially Kap are on the market. A Kap trade is still tough to predict. His salary is not as onerous as once thought given the recent QB deals we have seen. However, if teams decide it's not worth it, one option is to find a team that wants Kap, and where Kap wants to play, and negotiate an adjustment to his contract. Of course, that's assuming Kap is willing to play ball with the 49ers on this. If they can actually find a team to which he would want to go, then maybe it can happen. The relationship is sufficiently fractured that it is hard to tell if a trade can be arranged.