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If 49ers land QB in 1st round, which direction should they go on Day 2?

San Francisco needs a quarterback ... if they get one, who would be a good option in the second round?

Boise State v Mississippi Photo by Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

We do plenty of talking about the San Francisco 49ers and how they're going to spend their first-round pick in the upcoming 2016 NFL Draft. We've spent considerably less time talking about what they might do in the second round. San Francisco holds the 37th overall pick in the draft and are in a good position to land some real talent in the second round.

Of course, there's a good reason we haven't spent that much time on the subject: so many different things could happen based on how the first round goes. It all comes down to the quarterback position, and whether or not the 49ers land one in the first round at pick No. 7 overall.

And if they don't get one, will they trade back up into the first round to get one of the other top prospects? Or are guys like Paxton Lynch or Connor Cook going to be available in the second round where the 49ers are picking? There are a lot of questions that need to be answered, though obviously we can always talk about draft prospects and where they might go.

Chris Biderman over at Niners Wire operated under the assumption that the 49ers took a quarterback at some point in the first round to pose his question, and honestly I think the prospects he highlighted as potential options are intriguing enough to highlight here. He lists these players, in this order:

OT Jason Spriggs (Indiana), OL Cody Whitehair (Kansas State), DT Robert Nkemdiche (Ole Miss), WR Michael Thomas (Ohio State) and OLB Noah Spence (Eastern Kentucky)

Nkemdiche is the most intriguing player for me, and someone that seems like a perfect get at the beginning of the second round if he makes it that far. His off-field issues and occasional lack of effort in college are concerning, and given some of the character issues in the 49ers locker room in recent seasons, I can see why that would drive some people off.

The same applies for Spence, a gifted pass-rusher who would be nice to see opposite Aaron Lynch, but who had to transfer from Ohio State after failing a drug test (for Ecstasy, according to him).

Thomas is a very skilled receiver who doesn't have any real bad tape to his name, and would be able to compete for a starting job, a nice bonus for a second-round pick. Whitehair could be a good guard in the NFL and the 49ers certainly need one, while Spriggs is just a perfect fit for a zone-blocking scheme, as noted by Biderman.

This also ticks the box on some of the positions the 49ers would be best-served addressing in the event a quarterback has already been taken. They need another defensive linemen, they need a pass rusher opposite Lynch, they desperately need a couple offensive linemen and wide receiver is an obvious need. Truthfully, I wouldn't be upset about any of these positions.