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Chip Kelly alienated Eagles scouts (and everyone else), according to report

The media continues to pile on when it comes to Chip Kelly and his awful time with the Eagles.

Arizona Cardinals v Philadelphia Eagles Photo by Rich Schultz/Getty Images

If there's one thing that has become very clear since the San Francisco 49ers hired Chip Kelly to be its head coach, it's that Kelly was not well-liked by the Philadelphia Eagles. We've also heard plenty of talk of Kelly being a liar or Kelly not being interested in taking responsibility for the absolute trainwreck that was his tenure as head coach there.

Predictably, there is plenty more to talk about as the media piles on. That isn't to suggest they are wrong or anything negative, it's just reached a point where there's really nothing we can do about things at this stage.

A former member of the Eagles from office spoke to Matt Lombardo of about Kelly and asked not to be identified, as usual. He said that Kelly completely took control of the NFL Draft and alienated scouts upon taking control.

"Right before that draft, the scouts set the board," the person said, referring to 2014 when the Eagles took Marcus Smith in the first round. "Then Chip got a hold of it and totally turned it around. Scouts had no say at all in that draft."

The report says that players Chip didn't want were immediately removed from the board and "thrown in the trash." It says that those players were "never in the discussion."

Howie Roseman, the vice president of football operations, took responsibility for drafting the Louisville linebacker in the first round. But the anonymous front office executive went on to say that he had Smith with a third-round grade. Smith has 1.5 sacks and seven tackles in 22 games since he was taken with the 26th overall pick.

"Almost immediately, you had a lot of scouts looking around and wondering, 'Why am I even working? Why the hell are we even here?' We put all this work in, put the information in and Chip changed everything and took whoever he wanted to take," the executive reportedly said.

The report goes on to suggest that Kelly was a bit more restrained in 2013, but after Tom Gamble was fired, he put his foot down in 2014 and knew that he had to make all of his moves in a desperate attempt to save his job. Obviously, that didn't happen.

I think as far as 49ers fans are concerned, we've probably had enough of leaders who say one thing and mean another, and are particularly sick of deception. Jed York and Trent Baalke are forever tainted, even if they lead the 49ers in a good direction due to their lies and actions. Kelly is a new face for us, and there are some very unflattering things out there about him.

But he is the 49ers' coach, and for now, that means rooting for him to succeed in all of his endeavors. But I doubt you can find a more displeased bunch of people about a head coach than the folks routinely quoted in these media pieces, not to mention Eagles fans.