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As deadline nears, another Colin Kaepernick rumor say Broncos want redone contract

Rumors! RUMORS! They'll never be stopped.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

With the April 1 deadline fast approaching, nobody quite knows what's going to happen with Colin Kaepernick.

Reports have suggested Kaepernick wants to be gone, the Denver Broncos are interested, the Broncos have figured out compensation with the 49ers, the Broncos haven't figured out compensation with the 49ers, the Broncos are fine with Kaepernick's contract, the Cleveland Browns are unhappy with Kaepernick's contract but are now out of the sweepstakes altogether, the Broncos are all running around on fire and the 49ers are a deep hole from which we will never escape.

Rumors! They never stop. They never will. They're all we have left and they're all we deserve.

But since the deadline, which is only a deadline concerning Kaepernick's guaranteed dollars and doesn't actually mean a deal can't still happen and that he can't still sign a new deal with a new team that voids his guarantees but does mean the 49ers can't outright release him anymore without taking a big cap hit, isn't actually here yet, we have another rumor to discuss!

This one has Mike Klis saying that the hold-up in the Broncos trade for Kaepernick is that they want him to take a reduced contract, according to Ross Tucker of NBC Sports Network.

This was reported at one point, though since then several other rumors have popped up and it's worth noting that Klis has just reported this information again. It could be a sign that Kaepernick is unwilling to take a reduced deal. Which would basically guarantee he's going to stick with the 49ers, because I don't see how the Broncos take him at that contract number.

Still, there's always the possibility that Kaepernick is simply holding out until he has the safety net of the guarantee and will continue negotiating -- with both the 49ers and the Broncos and potentially other teams -- after the deadline.