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Throwback Thursday: That one draft we hate

Trent Baalke has had some decent drafts. This is definitely not one of them

Throwback Thursday has usually gotten a mixed response from all of you. Some of you love these trips down memory lane, especially with things like Deion Sanders. Others have flamed me for posting on things like the A.J. Jenkins draft video.

This isn't the Jenkins video, this is a majority of the 2012 draft, allegedly. But there's one problem: The 2012 draft never happened. I could swear that 2012 was a year that just was skipped over and purposely not written in, as a joke. It went 2011, 2013, 2014. Check any 49ers fan's calendar, the 2012 draft simply doesn't exist.

Ok, no use in hiding it. It happened and God, was it bad. We're talking Sega Saturn bad.  Only the A.J. Jenkins pick could ever be in the realm of sane--and even that's a stretch. The moment you saw LaMichael James, a projected 3rd down, change of pace back go 2nd, you knew something was up. That something was a draft loaded with players that didn't pan out. San Francisco or otherwise. Sure, there was Alshon Jeffrey, T.Y. Hilton, and others, but for the most part, the pickings left something to be desired.

At least we get to see Jessie Sapolu...

Alright I tried to make this easy. It didn't work. I'm going to go hide now.