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Charley Casserly thinks Jared Goff is a good fit for Chip Kelly offense

Chip Kelly is implementing a new offensive system, and we are now trying to figure out which quarterback can run it in San Francisco. One ex-NFL general manager thinks Jared Goff is a good fit.

The San Francisco 49ers are expected to add a quarterback at some point this offseason, and with a lot of cap room and 12 draft picks at their disposal, they have plenty of options. The 49ers hold the No. 7 pick in the 2016 NFL Draft, which potentially puts them in position to draft one of the top QBs in the draft.

There is plenty of debate about this year's quarterback class. Jared Goff and Carson Wentz are the top two quarterbacks among most media assessments, but neither is considered a slam dunk choice by most people. They are viewed with plenty of potential, but there are enough questions that people can easily talk themselves out of either choice.

Plenty have weighed in on who might make sense for the 49ers, and the latest is former NFL personnel executive Charley Casserly. He works for NFL Network now, and has plenty of opinions. Recently, he discussed the notion that Jared Goff makes a lot of sense for Chip Kelly and the 49ers. You can view the video here, but if you can't view video, here is what he had to say about how Kelly fits Kelly's offense:

"I think what Chip Kelly wants in a quarterback - and by the way, I'm sure he scouted this guy in college, so he already has an opinion on him - is No. 1, what I've been told is this, quick decision-making, and accuracy with the football. Quick-decision making, give (Goff) a triple-plus there. Ball comes out quick, good ability to go to the second receiver, exceptional vision downfield for a quarterback, as far as reading things. Now, accuracy, I really like him short to medium, but he's about a 50/50 guy when the ball is going deep. I've seen him good on the fade, good on the touch, and I've seen him miss some balls (deep). But certainly decision-making and quick release, he's outstanding there in what Chip Kelly wants in a quarterback."

Kelly spoke with Bay Area media last week at the NFL Combine, and naturally there was plenty of discussion about quarterbacks. He spoke about a variety of things he looks for in prospects, and that led to a couple articles about the quarterback position. Here are those links:

Branch on bigger players
Barrows on Kelly's most important attribute

Branch pointed to Goff's hand size as a reason Kelly might prefer someone else. He talked about Kelly viewing hand size as huge, and that there is value to heavier quarterbacks who can turn potential sacks into big plays.

Barrows discussed Kelly's views on the importance of decision-making. Barrows opened his article with a pretty clear point:

Sure, Chip Kelly's ideal quarterback might have massive hands, broad shoulders and be able to outrun the fastest inside linebackers in the league.

But when it comes to body parts, the new 49ers head coach made it clear he's most interested in the cerebral cortex.

When talking about hand size, Kelly pointed out that it is certainly not the ultimate criteria, but rather one bit of context to consider in the bigger picture. If he and Baalke think Goff can show accuracy, strong decision-making, and good footwork, they might be willing to overlook his smaller hands and the fact that he weighs a little less than they might prefer.