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Video: Carlos Hyde shows off footwork during offseason workout

It's just a brief video, but it's a good sign for the 49ers running back.

The San Francisco 49ers will be expecting big things from running back Carlos Hyde this fall, and his recovery from foot issues is an important part of the offseason. General manager Trent Baalke said he is coming along, and that while he is not game ready, he's making progress. On Friday, Hyde posted some video of a workout he was doing down in Florida with athletic trainer David Alexander.

The 49ers open their offseason workout program on April 4, at which point it is strength and conditioning work, along with rehab work for injured players. After that they start getting into individual work and classroom, and eventually team drills. Hyde can do plenty in the classroom, but my guess is he will not be super involved in team drills early on. It is hard to tell right now how that will all play out, but the 49ers have generally been pretty conservative with these things.

In the meantime, it's at least good to see him doing footwork drills at this point in the offseason.