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Bruce Irvin might give Seahawks edge if money is close

The San Francisco 49ers need to add some depth to their pass rush. Should Bruce Irvin be on the radar? It might take a sizable chunk more than whatever Seattle is offering.

The Seattle Seahawks have to figure out what to do with outside linebacker/defensive end Bruce Irvin. He is set to hit free agency next week, and is sure to be a popular option. He does not have monster counting stats, but he can be a serious presence in any pass rush, including the 49ers.

Irvin has expressed interest in remaining with the Seahawks, but he also understands the business side of things. On Friday, he told a Seattle radio station that if the money was close between the Seahawks and another team, he would "definitely consider" remaining with the Seahawks over a slightly higher-paying option elsewhere.

Earlier today over at, Adam Stites put together a rundown of one player every team should target in free agency. For the San Francisco 49ers, he suggested Bruce Irvin. Here's what he had to say about the suggestion:

Divisional rivals love to snag players away from each other and the 49ers could dish a little hurt to the Seahawks by grabbing Irvin. Following the loss of Aldon Smith, the 49ers don't have many pass rushing options on the roster and could let Irvin loose in a way that the Seahawks never really did.

Seattle asked a lot of Irvin and used him as a jack of all trades, and the 49ers could use him similarly, but his pass rushing skills are what would make him a valuable addition in San Francisco.

The 49ers have to figure out the depth in their pass rush. Irvin certainly would be an intriguing option. Of course, a lot of this might depend on what happens with Ahmad Brooks. If the 49ers release him, it opens the door for all sorts of opportunities. However, if the 49ers elect to hold onto Brooks for another year, it could indicate a plan to focus on the draft for any additional pass rush help.

I continue to think the 49ers will release Brooks, but we've had this discussion over and over again. Until it actually does happen, it almost feels safe to assume it won't.