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Broncos offer Brock Osweiler deal worth over $15 million a year, per report

NFL free agency gets going with the tampering period on Monday, and the Denver Broncos appear to be trying to get their quarterback locked up before other teams can start talking to him. Broncos beat writer Mike Klis is reporting the Broncos have offered Brock Osweiler a three year contract that could be worth over $45 million. The Denver Post recently reported an offer would likely exceed $12 million per year, so this gets things in that ballpark.

The quarterback position is at a premium, so even though Osweiler was benched in Week 17, it is no surprise that an offer might get this high. It is expected to include plenty of incentives, so if something does get worked out, the structure will be something to watch. We saw Sam Bradford get $22 million guaranteed on a two-year deal, and Kirk Cousins get over $19 million with the franchise tag.

The Broncos don't have a deal done yet, but it seems fairly obvious at this point that whatever happens with Osweiler, the team has made up its mind about Peyton Manning. They are giving Manning time to decide on his future, but if he does not retire by March 9, it seems likely the Broncos will release him. The Los Angeles Rams seem like a strong possibility if Manning decides to keep playing in 2016. That would knock down another domino in a quarterback free agency period that might get just a little bit weird.