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NAIA football player Wendell Williams runs 4.19 40 at regional combine

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This is a record for any Combine competition. He averaged 30.4 yards per catch this season!

The 2016 NFL Combine is over, but there are still regional combines for assessing under the radar prospects. The latest regional combine took place in Minnesota, and had some notable news. University of the Cumberlands wide receiver Wendell Williams ran a 4.19 40-yard dash, shattering Chris Johnson's 4.24 Combine record. He also had a vertical leap of 45 inches, which would have been best at the NFL Combine by four inches.

University of Cumberlands plays in the NAIA, and is not to be confused with fellow NAIA school Cumberland University (seriously). Cumberlands is in Williamsburg, Kentucky. Williams has played there each of the last two years, and while there are no scouting reports, there are at least some stats. In 2014, Williams had 16 receptions for 326 yards (20.4 yards per reception), and three touchdowns. He also rushed 11 times for 112 yards (10.2 yards per carry) and one touchdown. In 2015, Williams had 15 receptions for 457 yards (30.5 yards per reception), and eight touchdowns. He also rushed seven times for 204 yards and three touchdowns. In 2015, he returned six punts for 141 yards (23.5 yards per return) and one touchdown, and 24 kicks for 777 yards (32.4 yards per return), and three touchdowns.

Clearly he is an explosive player. Of course, this is also a very low level of football. That being said, he had some production down there, and is on the radar with the 4.19 40. I would be pretty surprised if somebody did not sign him as an undrafted free agent. He'll get some kind of offseason opportunity at least as a return man.

It is no surprise that Williams also competes in track and field. He has been named NAIA All-American three straight years, competing last year in the long jump, 100 meters, and 200 meters. Track and field is a spring sport so I'm not sure what his plan is for competition if he thinks he has an outside shot at an NFL rookie minicamp.

I found one video of Williams, and it is game highlights from the 2015 season opener in which Cumberlands upset No. 16 Campbellsville University 27-24. Williams had a 29-yard touchdown catch, and a 44-yard touchdown catch.