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Great video of Eddie DeBartolo about his missteps and triumphs as an owner (auto-play)

The former 49ers owner spoke on what it takes to own a franchise

The inner workings of NFL teams never fail to fascinate, and none more so than the innards of the San Francisco 49ers. Eddie Debartolo was on a CSN segment talking about his initial missteps and what he learned was necessary to succeed as the owner of the 49ers. You can watch the video above.

Despite its short five minute length, there's a lot of good information that makes a parallel to current owner (and nephew of DeBartolo) Jed York's actions and mistakes. While York has clearly villainized himself in front of many fans, it's important to consider that he's fairly young in his tenure as owner of the team, and he's having a lot of the same growing pains his uncle went through years ago.  DeBartolo also gave some more context to what he thought of the hiring of Chip Kelly as well as what he thinks will need to be done for the team to get back on top.

DeBartolo has enough charisma that I could lose hours listening to him talk. Considering this only lasts five minutes means you won't have to give up a portion of your day to hear some good info. Give it a watch.