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49ers met with Vernon Adams at 2016 NFL Combine, per Eric Branch

Will former Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams end up with Chip Kelly? The 49ers seem to have at least some amount of interest greater than zero!

The San Francisco 49ers have met with numerous prospects over the last two months, and we now know of one to have multiple interactions with the team. Eric Branch is reporting the 49ers met with Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams at the 2016 NFL Combine. This follows up the team meeting with him at the Shrine Game in January.

The 49ers meeting with Adams at the Shrine Game very well could have been nothing more than a chance to get some updated information, or ask a quick question or two. It might have been more than that, but we will likely never know for certain. We also don't know for certain if this was a formal 15-minute interview, or if it was another more informal meeting. Whatever the case, it is still interesting to see that the 49ers had two contacts with the former Oregon quarterback.

Chip Kelly spoke with 49ers media during the Combine, and the Branch link above includes some of his comments about quarterback size. Adams measured in at 5'11, 200 pounds, so he is certainly not a big guy for a quarterback. Kelly told the beat writers it is easier to get a bunch of 6'5 quarterbacks and figure out the starter from there. He noted it was more a guideline than a rule, but with bigger quarterbacks he feels like you're taking better advantage of the odds in developing the position.

Adams is currently looking like a day three prospect. He would not be a guy who you plug and play right away, but would be a project to work with in the coming seasons. He is a quarterback the 49ers could probably select regardless of what they do with Colin Kaepernick, in free agency, or even with their No. 7 pick. It would not surprise me at all to see the 49ers come out of this draft with two quarterbacks. I don't expect it, but it would not surprise me.