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49ers to wear 70th anniversary patch, likely wear black jerseys again

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The San Francisco 49ers will celebrate their 70th anniversary this year, and they will mark the season with a special patch. The team unveiled the patch on Monday, and it features a mix of the old school and new school.

Here is a look at the patch we will see unveiled in 2016. It features the historic "Shield" logo design that dates back to way back in the day. The team has sold hats for some time now featuring this shield logo design. The five squares in the top left representative the five Super Bowl victories. The number 70 uses the current number font.

49ers 70th anniversary logo

And in case you're wondering, it is safe to say we will probably see the team's black alternates again in 2016. Taylor Price tweeted out this picture of the logo on the black jersey. If you click on the link in the tweet, you can see a variety of pictures that includes the black jersey.

I don't mind the black jersey, but I'm really hoping somebody realizes they need to put some kind of border around the red numbers. The numbers are too hard to see when they do not have some kind of border to set them apart.