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Miami Dolphins remove transition tag from Olivier Vernon

We've got a development in the pass rusher market. The Miami Dolphins announced they have removed the transition tag from defensive end Olivier Vernon. He was free to sign elsewhere under the tag, but the Dolphins retained the right to match it. The news comes following the team's decision to sign defensive end Mario Williams.

The 6'2 275 pound end is now the best pass rusher on the market. Bruce Irvin is expected to sign with the Oakland Raiders, and Jason Pierre-Paul is expected to remain with the Giants. Vernon likely would have gotten an offer sheet under the transition tag, but this now makes it easier. Furthermore, if he signs elsewhere, he will factor into the Dolphins comp pick formula.

The 49ers have need for pass rush help, but any free agent moves would seemingly require the team release Ahmad Brooks. Obviously they don't have to do that, but if they don't release Brooks, and then bring in someone to take his place, I can't imagine that would make for the best locker room. Brooks has never been one to take kindly when he is benched, so any 49ers interest (hypothetical at this point) would seemingly factor in a Brooks release as well.