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NFL free agency rumors: Marvin Jones to Lions, Travis Benjamin to Chargers, Mohamed Sanu likely to Falcons

Where will Anquan Boldin land amidst all the free agency maneuvering?

The wide receiver market is thinning out pretty quickly as the 2016 NFL free agency signing period approaches. The Detroit Lions are expected to sign Marvin Jones, while the San Diego Chargers are expected to sign Travis Benjamin. Mohamed Sanu is also expected to get off the market, with ESPN's Dianna Marie Russini reporting he is expected to land in Atlanta. This all comes after the Chicago Bears franchised Alshon Jeffery, and has subsequently signed the tender.

The receiver market was thin to begin with, and this is clearing it out even further. Rishard Matthews, Anquan Boldin, and Jermaine Kearse look like the top names. We've been wondering what will happen with Boldin, but the only thing mentioned about Boldin's next contract is that he wants to play with a team that can compete at the next level. Not exactly a shocking statement.

Jones's deal is expected to be $8 million per year over five years, and Sanu is reportedly looking at a deal around $7 million per year. Wherever Boldin does wind up, I don't imagine the deal is more than two or three years, and probably in the $4 million or $5 million per year range.