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Broncos expected to push for Colin Kaepernick if Brock Osweiler walks

This kind of deal could make sense for all parties involved. Now we'll see if anything actually comes of it.

The Denver Broncos are running into obstacles as they try to re-sign quarterback Brock Osweiler, and that could open the door for Colin Kaepernick. The Broncos and Osweiler reportedly have not negotiated since the team offered him a three-year deal, and reports suggest the Houston Texans are making a push for the Broncos QB. Ian Rapoport is now reporting that we should "expect them to come after QB Colin Kaepernick.

It is no surprise the Broncos would be interested in Kap if they cannot re-sign Osweiler. The top of the QB market consists of Osweiler, Ryan Fitzpatrick, and Robert Griffin III. That's not exactly a robust trio of quarterbacks. Osweiler looked good for stretches in Denver, but he was also benched in Week 17.

There are reports the Broncos offered Osweiler a deal worth $15 million a year, with a chance to escalate that. If the Broncos were to acquire Kap, it would likely be for a late draft pick, and his contract would be friendlier for Denver. He would be due a max of $14.3 million in base salary and bonuses, and they could release him before April 1, 2017 and he wouldn't cost them a penny moving forward. And if he did work out in Denver, they could just roll it over another year without any problems.

A potential trade to Broncos makes sense for all parties involved. The Broncos get a quarterback with upside without committing cap space past 2016. The 49ers can part ways with a situation that has devolved into stupid drama. And Kap gets a fresh start in a pretty good situation. Following Peyton Manning would normally be a big deal, but given the level at which Manning was playing in his final year, it's not nearly that big a deal.