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Mark Sanchez-49ers speculation floated in light of Brock Osweiler, Colin Kaepernick rumors

Earlier today, we learned that if the Denver Broncos cannot re-sign Brock Osweiler, they should be expected to pursue Colin Kaepernick. If the 49ers do trade or release Kaepernick, they would be left with a quarterback depth chart that consists of Blaine Gabbert and Dylan Thompson.

Enter Mark Sanchez and my new favorite piece of speculation:

The 49ers would need a quarterback if they traded or released Colin Kaepernick. I would have to think they would draft a quarterback, but if Kap leaves, I would expect them to sign a free agent as well. Robert Griffin III is a guy mentioned frequently. Of course, if they go with a draft pick to develop the position, I would expect someone who is more used to being a backup. I suppose Sanchez is one such option, but the market includes guys like Tarvaris Jackson, Matt Moore, Brandon Weeden and others.