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Giants to sign Olivier Vernon to 5 year, $85 million deal

This is some serious money for the free agent pass rusher.

The New York Giants are keeping quite busy to start this free agent period. After numerous fourth quarter collapses in 2015, the team is loading up on defense. National media are reporting the team is signing free agent pass rusher Olivier Vernon. The Miami Dolphins had placed their transition tag on Vernon, but elected to rescind it earlier today. Ian Rapoport is reporting the five year deal is worth $85 million, with $52.5 million guaranteed.

The move comes following word that the Giants re-signed defensive end Jason Pierre-Paul, and are signing cornerback Janoris Jenkins to a huge deal. The Giants defense struggled last year, but is seeing a significant increase in talent. They are spending some serious coin.

The San Francisco 49ers were never connected to Vernon, but I think a lot of us were hoping they might make a run at him. The 49ers need pass rush help, but clearly are not going to spend a ton on the position. They have the draft picks to take a stab at some options early in the draft. For now though, they remain quiet in free agency.