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Broncos could be deciding between Robert Griffin III and Colin Kaepernick

How long till this whole situation resolves itself?

During the rush of every other team's activity to start 2016 free agency, this little nugget slipped through. Benjamin Allbright is not a big name in NFL media, but he's broken some news in the past, and seems to have some good contacts. Following news that Brock Osweiler had signed with the Houston Texans, he did some handicapping of the Denver Broncos quarterback situation.

This is certainly not the end of the list of quarterbacks the Broncos will consider. I imagine they'll check in with Ryan Fitzpatrick, and the draft is always an option. But for now, the chatter seems to focus on the two quarterbacks who saw things turn sour with their first team.

If I had to guess right now, I'd say Kap ends up with the Broncos. Trent Baalke and John Elway reportedly have a good relationship. A deal could happen, and put Kap in a place where he has a strong defense and the pressure is not quite as high. Yes, the Broncos are coming off a Super Bowl win, but it was because of their defense, not their quarterback.

Of course, the timing on all of this depends on how Kap's situation resolves itself in San Francisco. If the 49ers are getting good offers for him, I imagine they make the trade. But if they are not, do they release Kap as April 1 approaches? Do they wait, let his salary become fully guaranteed, and then make some kind of move? It's an odd situation, to say the least.