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49ers Free Agency: Day 1 recap, Kaepernick trade rumors surface, Boone to Minnesota

A lot of money went out today to a lot of talented players. None of them will be playing for the 49ers.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

Day one of free agency comes to a close and a lot of big names have been signed. I'm sure going into the evenings and mornings we'll have more stuff for you, but for now, let's get everything all settled out of live feeds and into one post where we can flood our houses with our own tears see where the San Francisco 49ers might be headed.

We begin with the obvious: Brock Osweiler has signed with the Houston Texans. This is probably the biggest news of the day. We'll have more on various signings around the NFL later. Anyways, the reason we're listing it here is because it has started a chain reaction of events that has officially put us into Colin Kaepernick trade watch.

With one team, the Denver Broncos.

Oh, and the Broncos are deciding between him and Robert Griffin III.

With the 49ers possibly looking to Mark Sanchez,  it's safe to say Kaepernick's 49er days are probably behind him. There is still a chance the 49ers decide to hold onto him just for the hell of it, but that is definitely slipping from the realm of possibility.

Alex Boone is off to Minnesota. A lot of you saw this coming. The 49ers were probably a bit miffed about his holdout in the 2014, and when his contract calls for him to not be franchised this year, it's a good chance he was out the door long before free agency. Boone heads to the Minnesota Vikings for $26.8 million with $10 million fully guaranteed.

Now onto the 49ers signings. This morning, the team announced they have extended Ian Williams in the realm of $5-$6 million per year. It's a good deal for a big piece on the defense who can play both nose and defnisve tackle. However, this would be the only high profile signing the 49ers would make, and it happened before  free agency began.

With that said, we did have a signing 'during' free agency.  We signed a quarterback named Thad Lewis. Who is this guy? A dual threat out of Duke who began his career for the (then) St. Louis Rams. Lewis worked with Chip Kelly in Philadelphia, so there is some system familiarity, but he's also probably a backup and a potential camp body at that.

Beyond our signings, the team has been attached to possibly signing Kansas City cornerback Sean Smith. The  Oakland Raiders are also involved, and as of this writing, the Chiefs are just now trying to make a play to keep him on the roster. Ugh.

And that's day one of free agency. Once again, the San Francisco 49ers are similar to a bad reality TV show, where they feed you teasers and hope, yet nothing really happens (besides Williams coming back, which is awesome). Most of the big names that the 49ers were attached to like J.R. Sweezy are gone and signed elsewhere. But we'll discuss that a bit later.

49ers Free Agency rumors and interests from Niners Nation:

49ers to bring in RB Lance Dunbar for a visit

Patriots interested in Anquan Boldin, per report

49ers to meet with OL Ted Larsen, per report

49ers interested in C.J. Anderson, per Matt Barrows

49ers interested in WR Marc Mariani

Mark Sanchez-49ers speculation floated in light of Brock Osweiler, Colin Kaepernick rumors

And so we wait...