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Anthony Davis update: 'Dealing with Trent is giving me a headache.'

Maybe Trent Baalke will get his daughter to fire up her account to sub-tweet Davis.

April Fools is here, so we have to take most everything with a grain of salt. Retired San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis tweeted out an update about his status. And it's certainly an entertaining one.

Davis has said for some time now that he plans on returning this season, but we have been left to wait and wonder. This is his first update in some time now, and it's certainly going to raise some eyebrows. I still think he returns, but it would be foolish to assume he's definitely going to be back, and figure out roster needs based on that. I would think the 49ers will draft assuming he is not returning, and a potential return would simply be a bonus.

If Davis does not return, Trenton Brown would likely be a leading candidate to handle the right tackle job. Erik Pears was there last year, but moved over to right guard after Andrew Tiller moved to left guard. The 49ers have brought in Zane Beadles to likely start at left guard, which leaves Tiller, Pears, Marcus Martin, Brandon Thomas, and others to compete at right guard.

The 49ers start their offseason workout program on Monday. It seems likely that Davis will not be on hand for the start of camp. I am curious when exactly he plans on returning. The 49ers are installing a completely new offense. The first few weeks are strength and conditioning, but the opportunity to learn will be huge during that period. I can't imagine Chip Kelly will take too kindly to AD taking his sweet time getting back.