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49ers, rest of NFL set to wear Color Rush uniforms on TNF this fall, per Lions President

Good lord, help us all. Last fall, the NFL rolled out Color Rush jerseys on a test basis, and all indications are that they will unveil it for all 32 teams for Thursday Night Football this fall. There was a brief mention of it in an article last fall, and on Thursday, Detroit Lions president Rod Wood said that every team will wear a Color Rush uniform for Thursday Night Football.

I wish this was an April Fools prank, but the article is from yesterday. This is not a joke (well, not an April Fools joke).

"All teams that play on Thursday this year will wear a Color Rush uniform," he said. "The roll out of the Color Rush uniforms for all teams will occur when they announce the schedule and when we know whether we're playing a Thursday night game or we're playing just Thanksgiving. I'm hoping we have another Thursday night game in addition to Thanksgiving. And we will wear a uniform that I can't describe yet because the NFL won't allow me to. It will be all one color and we'll wear it on Thursday night."

The uniforms are fairly hideous, but I imagine they will still sell quite well, for at least a little bit. Alternate jerseys can be interesting, but the flood of a single color is a little too much for my eyes. And it just takes a little bit more away from the history of uniforms we've come to know.

One big issue that came up last year was that color blind people had serious problems watching the TNF games featuring the Color Rush uniforms. Apparently 1-in-12 people suffer from red-green color blindness, and so red can be rather problematic. When the Buffalo Bills faced the New York Jets last year, the Bills went all red, and the Jets went all green. Here is what it looked like for color blind people:

If the 49ers play at home on TNF, I wonder if we would see an all red uniform, or an all gold uniform. I kind of have a hunch it would be the latter. Or maybe it would be all red for a home game, and all gold for a road game. Whatever the case, I hope you're ready.

Fooch's update: Go ahead and try and photoshop up what you think they might look like!