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Anthony Davis misses the Candlestick Park fans

This is from a few days back when I skipped town for Hawaii. Semi, sort of former San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle Anthony Davis has tweeted plenty about his sort of former team over the last year. He mentioned Trent Baalke giving him a headache on Friday, but the week before, he had this to say about fans at Candlestick vs. Levi's Stadium:

He is not the first person to criticize Levi's Stadium. I do think the crowd will improve if the team puts a better product on the field, but I also don't think it will ever be as rowdy as it could get at the Stick. The stadium features plenty of fans who grew up on Candlestick, but the team had to sort of sell a bit of its soul to get Levi's Stadium built. I won't fault the York family for cashing in, but they certainly can't pretend the atmosphere remains the same. We'll see if it changes with a winning team, eventually.