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49ers hosting Connor Cook, Jared Goff, Carson Wentz this week

The process continues in the search for quarterbacks.

It would appear this week is quarterback week in Santa Clara. Over the weekend, Matt Barrows reported that Cal quarterback Jared Goff and North Dakota State quarterback Carson Wentz will be visiting Santa Clara this week. Ian Rapoport is reporting the team's official host visit with Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook will also take place this week.

The team has done plenty of work on Connor Cook. Aside from in-season scouting, the 49ers met with him at the MSU Pro Day, and later put him through a private workout in East Lansing. There have been multiple reports suggesting Trent Baalke is a fan of Cook. It could be correct, but given the misinformation spread around, it could be a ruse.

The 49ers attended Jared Goff's work at the Cal Pro Day, and Barrows is also reporting they attended a second throwing session in late March. Their visit with Goff will likely take place on Wednesday, April 13 when they host their local Pro Day. Each team is allowed a local Pro Day with players attending local universities, and also players who are from the area, but attended college elsewhere. Aside from the local Pro Day, each team gets 30 host visits. Since Goff can visit during the local Pro Day, he likely will not count as one of the 30 official visits.

The 49ers attended Carson Wentz's performance at the North Dakota State Pro Day, and Matt Barrows reported late last month that the team would have a private workout with Wentz at some point. There has been no subsequent report on when that took place, or will take place.