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Trent Baalke tells Anthony Davis MMQB trade rumor report is false

Who's playing games in this whole thing?

Anthony Davis apparently got some assurances that the San Francisco 49ers are not trying to trade him. Peter King reported in his MMQB column that one person told him the 49ers were trying to move Davis and Antoine Bethea. Davis tweeted out later in the day that Trent Baalke texted him that it was "false reporting".

I think the most important thing to figure out is why he chose to include an Atari controller emoji in his tweet. I assume it means something about "playing games", but the question is who he thinks is playing games. False reporting is certainly an interesting way to describe the report, as opposed to just saying, there's no truth to it. But who knows what exactly is going on.

Davis has yet to file his reinstatement paperwork, and on April 1 said dealing with Baalke was giving him a headache. There has been nothing said since then, so I am not entirely sure where all this stands. The 49ers enter Week 2 of their strength and conditioning program. Next week all the coaches can get on the field and begin individual drills. If Davis is not back by then, when will he be back?