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Russell Wilson is endorsing some kind of educational football bread

There is so much to unpack with this. Louis sent along a screenshot of ESPN's SportsNation, and we've got this....

Normally I would just say, "presented without comment" and that would be that. I could present it to the Internet, and the Internet would do wonders with it without me having to do a thing.

But there's at least some back story worth sharing, primarily because it showed up on one of our sister sites. Eater looks at all things food. They focus on restaurants, but they hit on a variety of other topics, including weird Russell Wilson endorsements. Wilson is promoting something called Eat The Ball, and apparently he describes it as sort of educational. I don't know if this is on the level of nano-bubbles and recovery water, but given Wilson's occasionally odd nature, I'm not surprised it is sort of out there.

I don't know even know what to really make of this. It's just really random. Thanks Russell.