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49ers once had Kendall Hunter, draft pick trade in place for Josh Gordon

This would have certainly been something. Of course, hindsight likely makes the 49ers happy the Browns backed out.

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon is currently serving a suspension of at least one year due to various failed substance abuse offenses. He was suspended a year ago February, and on Tuesday Mary Kay Cabot reported his petition for reinstatement was denied. This came following a Monday report that Gordon had recently failed another drug test. On Tuesday, Adam Schefter tweeted that Gordon's potential reinstatement is "delayed until NFL feels comfortable he has 60-90 days of no red-flag tests.

As the chatter has increased this week, Adam Schefter decided to throw something out there for San Francisco 49ers fans. In September 2014, there was a report that the 49ers and Browns had discussed a potential Josh Gordon trade, but owner Jimmy Haslam shut those down. Now, it appears things might have been moving along pretty well. Adam Schefter tweeted out some specifics:

Considering Gordon was suspended to start the 2014 season, and has since sat out the 2015 season, I'd say the 49ers probably came out OK not doing a deal. Maybe things turn out differently in the Bay Area, but there's really nothing to be gained by assuming Gordon would not have tested positive at some point. Gordon had a monster year in 2013, catching 87 receptions for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns.

An offer of Hunter and a second for Gordon prior to his 2014 suspension would have been a steal. Even with the suspension, I think most people would have done it. But in light of his 2015 suspension and reports of another recent failed test, I think the 49ers are probably content with the Browns backing out of that trade.