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Golden Nuggets: Team ACL Lives On

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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Trent Baalke is at it once again. He's looking to add to his legacy as the GM that looks for players coming off ACL injuries. The 49ers are hosting free agent Amini Silatolu. Amini is coming off his 2nd ACL injury this season. He has torn his ACL in both his knees, his left this past season and his right in 2013. The 49ers are looking for reinforcements on the offensive line and will be looking to see if Silatolu is physically able to help them. Silatolu has reportedly already met with division rivals Seattle and Arizona.

The 49ers are hosting a few of the top quarterback prospects this week. With the possibility that the 49ers trade up to #1, they need to gather as much information on these QBs to see if that is a good decision. Most experts think that Cleveland will draft a QB at #2 and it is rumored that the Cowboys could also take one at #4. If that is the case and the 49ers want one of the top QBs, they may have to make the move up to secure one.

Trading up is going against Trent's normal draft behavior. He is known to trade down to stock pile draft picks. But this draft needs to be good for him or he could lose his job. He needs to make sure that Chip Kelly has the right personnel to run his offense and that starts with the quarterback.

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