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Rams to draft Carson Wentz No. 1, unless they draft Jared Goff No. 1

Reports say Wentz is the pick. Other reports say it's Goff. Other reports don't know. About par for the course.

The Los Angeles Rams surprised folks on Thursday, trading a boatload of picks to the Tennessee Titans for the No. 1 pick. That kind of move generally only happens when a team wants to draft a potential franchise quarterback, and that means there is all sorts of QB speculation at the top of the draft board.

As soon as the deal was done, we had a couple reports suggesting Carson Wentz was going to be the pick:

That was then followed by reports and/or predictions that Jared Goff would be the pick.

And of course, some people are saying the Rams don't know for certain what they're going to do.

My guess is that Goff is the pick, but it is no more than a guess at this point. And what do the Cleveland Browns then do at No. 2? If they like both quarterbacks, it doesn't really matter. If they like one more than another, they are left hoping.