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Joe Staley talks offensive line, Colin Kaepernick drama, Chip Kelly's system

Joe Staley spoke to the media about a variety of topics including the front office drama and the state of the offensive line. The full transcript is below. You can watch the full video here.

So you got the band back together.

Yep! Having fun getting ready to go. Exciting time. Excited to get a new season going. New coaching staff and we got a lot of stuff to learn this offseason part of the system. There's some new faces in the building and everything, so it's exciting around this time, Everybody seems to be in good spirits.

What are you thoughts on how the 49ers offensive personnel meshes with what Chip [49ers head coach Chip Kelly] has done in the past and specifically the offensive line, zone blocking, things like that?

Yeah, I'm quite familiar with the system. It's the kind of system that I did in college with Bryan Kelly, it's definitely a little bit different, but I see a lot of similarities. I always personally really enjoyed playing in it, kinda fit my skill set pretty well. I see a lot of really kind of versatile group.  We have a lot of young guys, guys that aren't really set in one kind of scheme or any other so we'll be able to adapt to whatever we kind of decide to do as far as the personnel goes in that room and go from there.

Did you change up your offseason training at all because of uptempo system?

I changed up a little bit because I'm 31 and gonna be 32.

You're old.

Yeah, I know I am old, thank you.  More so because of that, I kind of have to train a little differently In the offseason, I did little more endurance training as far as reps and getting my body kind of used to more strain being put on it. That was more to do with myself and my age and kinda take care of my body that way as far as opposed to whatever scheme it is.

Chip did say that he felt you were the prototypical tackle?

Hey! That's nice!

You've kind of alluded to that. What about this system and what you're going to be asked to do meshes with what you do well?

Well, tackles are off in space a lot more, lot more pulling a lot more using some sort of big-guy athleticism. More so than other systems just from what I've seen so far. You know they had a good one over in Philly for a buncha years with Jason Peters. You look at the kinda guys that came out of Oregon when he [Chip Kelly] was there pretty similar as far as body type goes. So I think that's kind of what he means more so getting out in space, being able to move, and pull and all that.

What are your impressions on Zane Beadles?

I've known him a little bit €”we have the same agent. So I've known him previously for a little bit. And then just for the 3 days that I've been back. He's a good dude, really smart, you notice in the meeting rooms that he asks really good questions  and whatnot. he knows what he's talking about and he's played a lot of snaps so we're excited to have him here.

Do you have a process you go through when you play next to someone new like that?

No, not as far as like a process. You get on the practice field, see how they communicate maybe just kind of go from there. Each person is different. You can't force a someone to be a certain way. Not a process, just work off each other. That comes off with time and reps.

A lot of interest in Australia about Jarryd Hayne and how he's going. What have you noticed this year compared to last year? How's he doing out there?

I've been here for three days so I haven't noticed anything actually because we've been in different workout groups. I don't even know if I've seen him. I know he's here, but I can't give you an answer so, I'm sorry.

That's alright. Would you like to see him get another chance?

Yeah. Going into year two so he knows what to expect. That's good, it's also he's not going to have as much leniency as far as being new to the game. Has a year under his belt and knows what to expect so it's going to be a big year for him as far as coming back, Showing that improvement understanding of the football game, the nuances and all that stuff and really showing what he can do, speeding up his play, I think that will be good for him.

Joe you went into this offseason 5-11 last year and haven't done much in free agency with the roster. 12 draft picks, a lot more young players are going to be here. Most people look at this as a transition or rebuilding mode. Is that how you view it? What is realistic this season?

Yeah, you know we have the 12 draft picks that you said.This is all front office stuff I approach every season the same, trying to do my job the best I can and try to help the team win football games. That's why we're all here. So as far as rebuilding and all that stuff, I don't look into any of that stuff. We have guys that have to step up, have to play well but we're all brought into the NFL as a rookie, first, second year guy to win football games. Obviously the results last year were not what we wanted, so I can see where people make the assumption that we are "rebuilding" and stuff. But as players you never look at a season as a rebuilding season. It's a waste for guys like me. Guys that are coming to the end of their career a little bit. You can't waste years for rebuilding and I'm trying to win right now. So we gotta do everything we can to win football games.

Have you had a chance to see Blaine [49ers quarterback Blaine Gabbert] or Colin [49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick] at all and see how they're interacting?

Not so much, because like I said we've been here for 3 days so far and, O-Line and D-line works out together. We're in different meetings too. Not a whole lot, I see them in the locker room, but it's just the locker room.

Are you guys curious as anyone else just to see how the quarterback position plays out these next few weeks? And who might be locked in for it?

Yeah, I think it's not going to be something  that's going to be next few weeks. It's going to be new coaching staff, new system. We'll see it play out the whole offseason. I know whoever's back there is going to be the right guy for the job and we'll go from there. I don't think it's going to be a couple weeks I think it's going to kinda be the whole offseason. We'll get it as the time gets closer to playing games for real we'll obviously know.

The business side you've been around, what did you think when you heard that Kaepernick's  representation asked for a trade?

I don't know. *shrug and chuckle* yeah...he wanted a trade, I guess. I don't know. I have no answer for you. Next question?

About Trent Brown how much different is he at this point? This spring and what do you think those late season starts have done?

I think guys coming into year 2 is big.  They know more what to expect in the offseason. They come, their heads aren't all over the place in as far as learning NFL terminology,  lingo just getting used to player personnel all that stuff coaches. It's a little different now because we have a new coaching staff so we have to start over a little bit. But they understand the NFL game and know what it takes to go through an entire season. I think it's going to be big for guys like him, Ian and let's see who else is there. Coming in year 2 is having this full offseason to work with us. Work with the training staff. Taking advantage of all the opportunities this offseason.

Do you think he's going to be in position to compete for the starting job?

For sure, I think it's expected. I think he started at the end of the year last year and now he has to come back with a mindset that it's his position to win. It's going to be a competition between if they bring a guy in through free agency or the draft but his mindset has to be that it's his position to take.

Do you expect Anthony Davis back here?

I don't know anything about that.  I haven't been in contact with him at all.