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Browns-Eagles trade still in play after Titans-Rams deal

It would appear the No. 2 pick is in play in the 2016 NFL Draft.

The Tennessee Titans and Los Angeles Rams shook up the draft board on Thursday, with the Rams moving up to the No. 1 spot in exchange for a whole bunch of picks. The Rams are expected to draft a quarterback, which would have not been the case if the Titans remained in the top spot.

We have already seen two top ten picks dealt, with the Dolphins sending theirs to the Eagles earlier in the offseason. And that might not be the end of the dealing. The Cleveland Browns hold the No. 2 pick, and the Rams move suddenly means the Browns QB of choice might not be there when they get on the clock. If that's the case, they have some choices. They could go for a potential franchise tackle in Laremy Tunsil, or one of the defensive building blocks, or they could just trade out of the pick.

There has been speculation Philadelphia wants to move up, and one report on Thursday said they were the other primary contender for the Titans No. 1 pick. The Eagles don't have a long-term solution at quarterback, so they might decide whomever does not go No. 1 is worth consideration at No. 2. Ian Rapoport and Ed Werder both suggested it on Thursday after the Titans-Rams deal. Of course, the Eagles have also reportedly been highly enamored with Ezekiel Elliott, as have the Dallas Cowboys. I doubt we see a team move up to No. 2 for a running back, but maybe something crazy happens.

It still seems fairly likely that both quarterbacks are gone after No. 2, and now it is just a matter of which one, and if there is a trade up to do it. It would seem to take a weird twist for the 49ers to have a shot at either quarterback. I don't see them trading up to No. 2, and that is all presuming they actually want one of those quarterbacks. The Titans-Rams deal likely removed the quarterback from any consideration (if there was any), so a Browns trade probably would have no bearing on the 49ers. Well, unless a team trades up for someone other than a quarterback.