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Chip Kelly 'more enamored with trying to resurrect Blaine Gabbert's career', according to Jason LaCanfora

The San Francisco 49ers have some decisions to make at the quarterback position, and as the process drags on, more speculation is leaking out. Jason LaCanfora has the latest tidbit, this time about Blaine Gabbert.

LaCanfora was discussing the Titans-Rams trade on Thursday, and went into some details on the fallout around the rest of the league. He talked about how the 49ers were lukewarm on this year's class of quarterbacks. It got interesting though with this line in discussing the idea that Carson Wentz might have fallen if the trade had not happened (emphasis mine):

I don't see the Cowboys or Chargers taking a quarterback of the future that high, I continue to hear Chip Kelly is more enamored with trying to resurrect Blaine Gabbert's career than he is with any of the perceived top quarterbacks in this draft, and consider me among those who are far from certain the Eagles are taking a quarterback.

We've heard in the past that Trent Baalke was high on Gabbert. This is the most specific mention of Kelly also potentially being enamored by Gabbert. I was skeptical about the 49ers drafting a quarterback in the first round, and the Titans-Rams trade likely takes that off the board entirely. Colin Kaepernick remains on the roster, but his status remains in doubt.

And so, it seems more and more likely that Blaine Gabbert will be the team's starter when the 49ers host the Los Angeles Rams on September 12. A year ago, I would have laughed this off as crazy talk. It's amazing what can happen in the span of a year.